Nine real changes in Tallinn


We will protect the recreational areas from being built upon. Every citizen of Tallinn should have a recreational area in no more than 300 metres walking distance from their home. In order to achieve that, we shall make the parks and public gardens bigger. By 2030 public buildings and street lighting system will only be working on renewable energy or other sustainable solution. New public buildings will be built as nearly as Zero Energy Buildings. We shall triple the expenses for keeping public space in order. Package free shops in Tallinn will be supported. We will install drinking water taps in the recreational areas. By 2030 all the vehicles in Tallinn city centre will have zero emissions.


Free public transport of Tallinn should be comfortable and safe; it should only use renewable energy. We will modernise existing tram routes and develop new ones from the city centre to Järve, Lasnamäe, Haabersti, Mustamäe and the Port of Tallinn. Main public transport routes will also be serviced at night. Reconstruction of any street will be guided by pedestrian-first approach, but will also take bicycles and public transport into account. We will construct safe and high-quality bike paths on as many streets as possible. We will build parking lots for bikes in the public space. Road service requirements will be brought to the level that enables moving on foot or by bicycle even in the time of winter.


In four years we shall renovate all kindergartens. There will be free healthy food and early foreign language classes for the kids. Estonian language will be taught in every kindergarten. There should be supporting staff in every establishment; teacher’s assistants salary should reach 75% of teacher’s salary. Safe pedestrian crossings will be built outside every kindergarten.


We shall ensure an opportunity to participate in one recreational activity or sports activity free of charge for every child. Activity grants for sports will be increased to 300 euros and more. In every district, new sports grounds and outdoor gyms will be built, which provide a place to play football, basketball, tennis and other outdoor sports. Schools outdoor sports grounds will be open to public. We will construct an indoor hall for extreme sports and the largest parkour park in Estonia. Tallinn will become European Capital of Sport in 2022.


We will improve the availability of medical assistance and shorten the queues in the hospitals. The retirement pension will be increased by 100 euros. We will develop home care services, so that the elderly could live independently at their own homes as long as possible. The workload of those who care about their relatives will be decreased by providing them holidays and supporting services. We will build a municipality-owned nursing home and a Generations House in every district where there will be recreational groups and activities for both young and elderly, along with childcare services.


We will put an end to corruption and concealed financing of the governing party from the city budget and stop the embezzlement of taxpayers money. Every vacancy will be announced and dealt with publicly. City governance will be transparent; the city’s agreements with private companies will be made available to see for the public. We will end financing the Tallinn Co-operative Bank and will shut down the municipal shop Linnapood. No more of taxpayers money will be spent on Tallinn TV. We will no longer pay extra salaries to the members of Tallinn City Government for participating in the work of councils of city-owned enterprises and foundations. We will not name the members of the City Council to the governing bodies of city-owned enterprises and foundations.


We will give more decision making power to the boroughs, communities and citizen groups. We will involve independent experts, district communities and citizen groups in city planning process, establish peoples budget and delegate the power to confirm the borough mayor candidature to the District Councils.


Tallinn City Hall will become an international concert and conference venue. The whole seaside territory and embankment will be developed into a modern area suitable for organising cultural events and spending leisure time. We will construct a cable railway to Toompea. The city museums will be free of charge on the first Sunday of every month. We will ensure safe and secure environment in Tallinn for everyone. There will be no place in Tallinn for discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, age, skin colour, sexual identity, or any other grounds.


We will support registration of companies founded by e-residents and stay in contact with them, providing them information and services they need. We will make non-personalised data gathered by city government accessible to everyone in a machine-processed format. Four apps will be developed for communicating with citizens in real time:

  • Budget app that shows how public funds are invested into developing streets, schools, etc.
  • Public Improvement app that informs of the public issues and controlling solutions.
  • Public Transport app that revises public transport routes based on citizens’ wishes.
  • Campaign Promises app that would provide an overview of the political promises brought to life.